Dark Ocean Photography by carolyncochrane.com

I'm so happy with this new image.  I took it on my recent trip to Maine while we were out on a whale watching boat tour, as I mentioned in pervious blog posts.  We made it out 35 miles offshore.  It was the most beautiful day on the ocean I had ever seen, I'll never forget it.  The clouds were gorgeous, the sea was calm and I was in heaven!  Eversince the trip when I have some moments of stress, I just picture seeing this scene in person and it calms me down a bit.  I love when I see such beautiful scenes in nature that really have a soothing impact on me deep within...it's something I can always go back to later in my mind.  :)  What "scenes" have you seen in nature that have impacted you like this??

I edited this photograph in Photoshop to try and make it look darker than it was that day.  I love the deep dark blue color that I was able to bring out.  

Happy Monday to you all, more images to come!

Carolyn  :)

This print is now available on my shop here... Ocean Photograph - "The Spell of the Sea"


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