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Back in the spring of this year my husband and I took a trip to California.  I'm strictly an East Coast gal and had never seen the Pacific Ocean before so this was a HUGE deal for me; especially since I'm such an ocean-lover.  I could not wait to get out there and see the Pacific for the first time...and take a ton of pictures of it!  :)  Well, my mission was accomplished.  We had a great time, it was GOR-GEOUS and I took thousands of pictures to capture all the beauty. 

When the trip was over and we were back home, I looked through all the pics to reminisce a little and then "real-life" kicked in again.  As I'm sure some of you have experienced in this digital age, most of the pics have been sitting on my hard drive untouched for the past several months.  All that fun "daily life stuff" got in the way... work, cleaning the house, food shopping, paying bills, taking the dog for a walk, etc, etc... 

Yesterday I was in a funk and figured to pull myself out of it I should look at my California trip pictures again.  It worked!  Don't you just love how you can look at your old vacation pics and feel like you took the entire trip over again?  I love how photography can transport us, at least in our minds, right back to a time and place that was really special and beautiful. 

My inspiration kicked in yesterday and these new coastal prints above are the result.  Beautiful calming blues, the dreamy Pacific Ocean...ahhhh...I can just feel the stress from all those "fun" daily-life TO-DO lists melt away.

Since I was enjoying my new prints above so much yesterday, I also put a mock-up together of how they would look with another pic from my trip, the Lifeguard Stand photograph you see above.  I have so many blank walls in our new house...Hmmm....might have to think about doing this somewhere.  Then I would always be reminded of my awesome trip to the Pacific instead of the vacation just living unnoticed on my hard drive.  :)

Since the pictures here are brand new, I haven't had a chance yet to add them to my shop.  If you'd like to enjoy the photographs here in your space as prints or canvases, just let me know.  My lifeguard stand photograph is available as a print or canvas on my shop here: Lifeguard #14 Print

Thanks for reading my beach-loving friends, I'll be talking to you soon!

Carolyn  :)



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