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Hola Friends!  Today I'm sharing this photo from a quick trip my hubby and I took in the spring to sunny San Diego, California for a friend's wedding.  The idea of going on this trip was a BIG deal for me... I'm strictly an East Coast gal and had never been to California or any other West Coast state before.  I had never put my foot in Pacific ocean... The idea of seeing the coast on the other side of the country was THRILLING to me, especially since I love taking beach pics. 

Let me tell ya... the California coast did not disappoint, it was GORGEOUS.  What a difference in the landscape with the beautiful cliffs by the ocean, I'm so used to the New Jersey coast being flat.  The Pacific ocean was sooo beautiful and a spectacular shade of blue that I couldn't stop staring at.  As usual, I felt that wonderful calm and serenity the ocean brings me...aahhh.  :)  I really had a ball taking pictures of everything, sometimes things were so pretty there I felt like I was looking at a scene in a movie versus real life.   

Each day of our trip was around 75 degrees and sunny with absolutely no humidity (definitely different than NJ in the summer!)  The air smelled so clean and fresh, I kept taking these big deep breaths to take it all in.  I can definitely see why people love the West Coast, every day is another chance to get outside and do something fun.  Plus they have pretty palm cool is that!  lol

We're back in NJ now and I'm enjoying our beautiful oceans and beaches this summer but I'm absolutely planning on more California vacations in the future.  I seriously feel like I need to go out there for a couple months by myself so I can just drive up the Pacific Highway and shoot everything in sight.  (That was awesome by the way, one of the best drives of my life!)

Carolyn  :)


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