Autumn Reflections Photography by

"Autumn Reflections"


This past Autumn was gorgeous.  I was pretty busy working inside during the season but when I ran out for an occasional errand, my jaw would drop over all the warm, glowing colors.  As a nature-loving gal, I wasn't about to let the season pass without getting out there for a few days to capture the beauty.

I still have a ton of Fall pics to edit and show you but here are the first two new prints I've created, "Autumn Reflections" above and "Ever-Changing" below.  I'm so happy with both of them, I love the color combinations.  I hope you enjoy them as well!  Both photographs are now available on my shop as a print or canvas.

I realize this is so late to be showing you Fall pictures but I figure it's better late than never.  I was so swamped in the Fall and early December with my web site project I barely had any time for this fun stuff.  Now that this new site is up and running, it's back to photo-fun!  ~ Carolyn  :)




Nature Photography by


Time to reflect on 2015.  It was a busy year for me, as I spent most of it developing my new web glad that's finally accomplished.  I thought it'd be fun to share with you my favorite new prints from this past year.  I've included links to each photograph below for your reference. 

I hope you enjoy this collage as much as I enjoyed putting it together.  I'm really looking forward to creating new art for you in 2016...what the subjects will be remains to be seen.  It's really exciting for me to start another year with my camera in many possibilities...the sky's the limit!

If you haven't already gotten a new calendar for yourself, I still have some 2016 Wall Calendars available in Nature or Beach themes.

Happy New Year friends!  ~ Carolyn  :)

Top left - "Dreamy"

Top middle - "Poolside"

Top right - "Immeasurable Dreams"

Middle left - "Taken by Teal"

Middle center - "Lifeguard #14"

Middle right - "First Bloom"

Bottom left - "Dance by the Light of the Moon"

Bottom middle - "Pink Zinnia"

Bottom right - "Fleeting Wonder"


Christmas Tree Lights Photography by


I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday.  It means so much to me that you enjoy my work and that we connect through our mutual love of nature and art.

The image above captures the magic and wonder of my Christmas tree this year.  My hope is that you will take time during this season to relax and enjoy the peace and beauty around you. 

Along with the new look of my web site, I'm also incorporating a new theme for my work called, "The Beauty of Stillness."  My purpose in sharing my art with you is to bring you moments of reflection and mindfulness. 

Merry Christmas!

Carolyn  :)


Christmas Color Scheme by

Since I'm a lover of color, decorating AND photography, I love creating eye-catching color schemes inspired by my's so fun.  With the holidays in the air, my print above, "The Christmas Spirit," is really speaking to me.  I just decorated our house for Christmas in traditional red and green but I've been seeing some really pretty neutral holiday decor in the stores...pretty sparkly silvers, golds and creams.  I'd love to decorate our house one year for Christmas in those light, calming colors but I just went on a bit of a shopping spree for my new red & green decor.  :)  I'll have to wait a few years I guess! 

I hope this color scheme inspires your decorating for the holidays.  The print above, "The Christmas Spirit," is available on my shop as a print or canvas.  Get my FREE download, "Color Palette's to Inspire Your Decor,"  based on several of my best-selling prints. 

Happy decorating!

Carolyn  :)


For the past couple years, I've had a dream...

To totally redo my website and open my own shop online where fans could purchase my prints and canvases.  To step out of the "Etsy bubble" I've been in for the past four years and go for it... to reach a wider audience and spread the word about my work.  I am beyond THRILLED to tell you my dream has finally come true!!   :)

Welcome to the new!  It's been six months in the making, a lot of hard work, fine tuning and late nights but I've finally arrived.  Woohooo!!  :) 

Please have a look around!  I have a new tagline to sum up my work, "The Beauty of Stillness."  To get a better feel of why I chose this phrase, check out my new About Page.  I also have a new logo which you can see at the top of the site.  I wanted a very clean, minimal web site so my photography would really pop on the pages, I'm so happy and pleased with the result.

If you're a fan of my work on Etsy, no Etsy shop will stay open and I'll always be around to help there with any questions you may have.  However, please know from now on I'll be adding all of my new work to this site instead of Etsy.



Here are some features of this new site...  

    Easy to Browse -  I think you'll find my new Print Shop is very easy to browse & shop compared to Etsy.  Prints are organized into categories such as Beach, Flowers and Black & White (for example).  Once you're in a category, you can browse by "Single Prints" or "Print Sets" to help you find what you're looking for quicker.  There's also a handy search at the top left of the site if you're looking for something specific like a "seagull" or "tulip" print for example.

    Bigger Canvas Selection & Easier to Order - One of the best features of my new shop is how easy it is to order the canvas version of ANY print or print set.  It's a bit confusing on my Etsy shop to find the canvas version of certain prints or sets due to Etsy's limitations.  On the new shop here, simply select the "Print" or "Canvas" option on any image's page.  :)

    Requesting Custom Sizes - It's much easier now to request a custom size print or canvas with my new handy Custom Size Request form.  Easy peasy.
    Wish List - In the next week or so I'll be adding a "Wish List" feature so you can save your favorite prints to your account (which you can create here on the site).  It'll be super easy to login and view your favs!

    Blog Posts Categorized - My blog posts are now organized into categories making it much easier to browse.  :)


    I'm really looking forward to taking this next step with you, my wonderful fans!  If you have friends that might enjoy my photography, please share my new site with them using the social media icons below this post.  I can definitely use your help to spread the word.  Thanks!! 

    I'll see you on my newly designed blog very soon!  If you have any questions or comments about the new site, contact me here.

    Carolyn  :)