One of my favorite things to do is create coordinated photography sets.  It's a win-win for me and my fans.  :)  On my end, I really enjoy the challenge of creating new print groupings that have a specific theme and color.  For my fans, my sets are an easy way to create pretty art walls in their fuss with trying to coordinate prints, yay!

Meet my latest three photography sets below.  I think the coming summer months is inspiring me.... I love being outside in the warm weather, walking in the grass, on the beach and feeling more connected to nature.  I've included some notes below with each set so you can get a feel for my inspiration.  Each grouping is available as Fine Art Prints or Canvases, simply click on a set below to view them in my shop.


Beach Photography Art Prints by | Coastal Wall Decor


Blue Beach Photography Art Set

The grass picture above inspired me to create this new coastal art set.  I've always loved beach grass...I find it so calming just to sit and watch a warm summer breeze dance through grass on the dunes. version of paradise.  I thought the light, almost perperiwinkle-blue color would contrast in such a pretty way with the glowing warmth of the grass.

Grey Beach Photography by | Neutral Coastal Wall Decor

Neutral Beach Photography Set

Despite being known for my colorful beach photography, once in a while it's nice to tone things down a bit.  I've been wanting to create a coastal grouping like this in neutral tones for a while now.  Something that isn't totally black and white but not too colorful either.  I love this new set in greyish tones...just what I was envisioning.

Green Nature Photography Print Set by | Botanical Wall Art

Green Nature Photography Set

I love the color green and have a few groupings already in vibrant green tones.  I've always felt though that my portfolio is missing a nature set with more subtle green hues.  I'm so happy to finally offer this one.  My favorite print in this set is the leaf image I'm displaying larger above the other two.  I shot this picture in the indoor section of Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.  I'm not exactly sure what this plant is but I found it in their cactus/succulent room.  The curving graceful shapes and lines of the leaves really caught my eye. 


Hope you enjoy the new sets!  Please help me spread the word about my work by pinning the images here on your Pinterest boards.  If you do, please leave the credit back to my blog intact.  Thank you!  I love what I do and want to share it with a wider audience so thank you!!  :) 

You can find me on Pinterest here.  I started a new board dedicated to my work called, My Photography and Blog Posts.  If you're a fan, please follow and repin my work.  Thank you!

~ Carolyn

Over the past several months I was offering a free, pretty download to anyone who signed up for my email list.  "Color Palettes to Inspire Your Decor"  features 5 pretty color schemes based on my bestselling prints.  I've decided now to offer a 10% off coupon code to new subscribers instead so I'm posting my Color Schemes PDF here for everyone to enjoy.  To view the color palette's inspired by my photography, click the image below.  Hope you enjoy it!  ~ Carolyn  :)

Decorating Color Scheme Inspiration

Aqua Beach Color Scheme Inspired by Carolyn Cochrane's Ocean Photograph, "Summer's Dream"

My love of color and the beach continues....  This time around I thought it'd be fun to make a coastal color scheme inspired by my bestselling ocean print, "Summer's Dream."  I've always loved the gorgeous turquoise waters of the caribbean.  Decorating with this uplifting blue-green color is a great way to bring that salty, sea-air vibe into any space. 

Just like most other beach-bums, I have a dream of one day owning my own house by the sea.  I think I'd decorate my coastal oasis in these calming yet vibrant hues of blue.  I picture white cabinets in the kitchen, light sandy-colored wood floors with that weathered, coastal look.  Turquoise accents throughout in rugs, curtains and beachy accessories.  It sure is fun for a gal to dream, right!?! 

Feel free to share this color palette on Pinterest with your beach-loving friends.  Please leave credit in the Pin's description back to my site.  Thanks and happy dreaming!

~ Carolyn  :)

Spring Flower Photography by


My favorite season of the year is definitely summer... I love to swim, relax on the beach and soak up the warm rays.  When it comes to my favorite season for taking pics though, Spring can't be beat.  I absolutely LOVE flowers and really enjoy capturing their beauty.  Spending time in nature on a pretty Spring day surrounded by a rainbow of blossoming color fills me with so much joy.  I love the feeling of renewal outside in Spring, especially after 'hibernating' in the house most of the winter.

For the past few years, I've been wanting to visit a well-known garden in Spring with my camera...Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.  I finally made the trip last week with my mom who loves flowers as well.  All I can say is WOW...what a gorgeous place.  I walked around with my jaw hanging open the whole time in awe of the beauty surrounding me.  The colors, wide variety of flowers and manicured gardens took my breath away.  Here's just a glimpse of our trip to Longwood.  I took a ton of pictures so stay tuned for more soon. 

If you've never been to Longwood Gardens, I highly recommend it especially in tulip season.  Be sure to bring your camera and a comfortable pair of walking shoes!  It's a great place to enjoy nature as well as get a little exercise in.  :)

Spring Flower Photography by


Spring Flower Photography by

Beach Decor Moodboard by CarolynCochrane.comI just finished this new ocean print above, "I Belong to the Sea," from my trip to sunny California last year.  I was feeling so inspired by the calming beachy colors in the picture, I decided to have a little fun and create a pretty coastal moodboard around it. 

I love 'oohing and aahing' over coordinated decor boards like this on Pinterest.  They're so helpful when you need some decorating inspiration.  Even if you don't, they're just fun to look at especially when they have a coastal theme. (my fav!)  I've included links below to the items here in case you'd like to do some clicking.  Feel free to share this on Pinterest with credit & a link back to my site.  Hope you enjoy!  :)


1. "I Belong to the Sea" Ocean Photograph - Carolyn Cochrane

2. Arbor Mango Lamp - Caron's Beach House

3. Coastal Living Resort Nightstand - by Stanley Furniture, Wayfair

4. Angelico Large Recycled Glass Vase - IMAX Worldwide Home, Houzz

5. Moderna Moroccan Shag Area Rug - nuLOOM, Wayfair

6. Round Floral Clam Shell Mirror - Caron's Beach House

7. Beach Break Wall Decor Sign - Bella Coastal Decor

8. Aquatic Vase - Crate & Barrel

9. Nautica Seaward Ivory Cable Knit Pillow - Overstock

10. Pallet Wood Clock - by TerraFirma79, Etsy