Aqua Beach Color Scheme Inspired by Carolyn Cochrane's Ocean Photograph, "Summer's Dream"

My love of color and the beach continues....  This time around I thought it'd be fun to make a coastal color scheme inspired by my bestselling ocean print, "Summer's Dream."  I've always loved the gorgeous turquoise waters of the caribbean.  Decorating with this uplifting blue-green color is a great way to bring that salty, sea-air vibe into any space. 

Just like most other beach-bums, I have a dream of one day owning my own house by the sea.  I think I'd decorate my coastal oasis in these calming yet vibrant hues of blue.  I picture white cabinets in the kitchen, light sandy-colored wood floors with that weathered, coastal look.  Turquoise accents throughout in rugs, curtains and beachy accessories.  It sure is fun for a gal to dream, right!?! 

Feel free to share this color palette on Pinterest with your beach-loving friends.  Please leave credit in the Pin's description back to my site.  Thanks and happy dreaming!

~ Carolyn  :)

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