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Last night was a funny night for me.  I was in the middle of processing this picture in Photoshop during a BIG thunderstorm here and out power went out.  Oh the humanity!!  Thank goodness I had just saved this a second before it happened.  So anyway, there I was without computer.  :(  I didn't know what to do with myself.  I had a big to-do list of things I wanted to accomplish last night, on the computer of course, and all of a sudden I was sitting in silence.  I sat here for a few hours with my husband, the house was getting tv, no computer, no radio, no entertainment to stimulate me.  And you know what?  The strangest thing happened...I started to relax.  I got tired at 9PM and even thought about going to bed early since otherwise I'd be sitting here twiddling my thumbs.  Apparently, it was estimated that the power would come back around 4AM so in my mind my night was officially shot.  Low and behold, the power suddenly came back on and there I went...I rushed right over to my computer to plug myself in again.  I wound up staying up WAY too late staring at the screen.  

Last night was a good lesson for me.  Even though I'm always wanting to be "plugged in" so to speak, I think it's important to take some time away from the computer and my never-ending to-do lists.  Afterall, we are supposed to relax, calm down and enjoy the silence sometimes, right?  It's just always so hard for me since I'm an ambitious "wanna-get-things-done" kinda gal.  I'm gonna do my best to TRY and get away from the computer for a couple hours each day.  I know, easier said than done.  Do you think you'll do a little "unplugging" today?  

Ok, now to this pic.  This is one of my very first pictures taken with my new LensBaby lens.  The sun was setting on the river near my house and these geese were out for a leisurely swim.  I thought it was a pretty peaceful scene worthy to be captured.  Hope you enjoy and have a happy Thursday!  :)

Carolyn  :)

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