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I've always loved taking pictures of birds but most of my bird photos are taken from a distance...usually birds flying in the sky, birds sitting in trees and my all-time favorite, birds on wires.  Well, I'm in need of a new challenge so my latest thing on my "shooting-to-do-list" is to get some good pictures of birds up-close.  To start my new venture, I bought a couple bird feeders last week and have them set up in our backyard.  I already have the cutest birds visiting me every day gobbling up the yummy seed mix I'm putting out for them.  (yay!)  I've been seeing Chickadees, Tufted Tiftmouses, Finches, Juncos, a Red-Headed Woodpecker, and my favorite...Cardinals. 

It's so much fun to watch the birds swoop down to my feeder from our trees each day to grab some seed.  The NOT so fun part has been watching the squirrels jump on my feeder and eat my seed!  (those dummies)  I don't mind if they eat it on the ground below but I only want the cute birdies on my feeder.  The squirrels have been climbing right up the pole that I hang my feeders from and munch away.  :(  To solve this problem, I ordered a new squirrel-proof pole online the other day that apparently will prevent the squirrels from climbing the pole.  I'm (impatiently) waiting for it to arrive at my door so I can set it up. 

This photo above is my first attempt of a bird on one of my feeders.  This little guy is a Chickadee, aren't they cute?  I took this with my awesome 70-200 mm lens.  (my new "go-to" lens)  The bird feeder is in our yard about 10 feet from our sliding back door.  I put the feeder there so I can hide in the kitchen with my camera and take pics while the door is cracked open.  I was zoomed all the way in for this shot and still didn't get as close as I wanted to.  My goal is to get more detailed shots of their faces.  When my new pole arrives, I'm going to move the feeders even closer to the house in hopes to get tighter shots of my new feathered friends.  I'm having so much fun!  I feel like I have a new form of entertainment at home while I'm working.  :)



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