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If you follow my blog or know anything about me as a photographer, you know that I LOVE color and usually play it up BIG TIME in my photographs.  Since it's important for all of us to step out of our comfort zones once in a while, I figured I'd try to finally edit some photos in black and white.  Here are some of my results above. 

So what have I learned from my little experiment?  Well, since I'm always so used to grabbing the viewers attention with my splashes of color, I learned that by taking the color OUT, I really had to pump up the contrast in my photos.  The contrast was pretty much my only tool for trying to make each image "eye-catching."  The other funny thing is when I'm always editing my photos with color, I have the hardest time deciding what shade of color to use, etc.  I didn't have to worry about that with these!  ha.  :)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my results above.  What do you think?  I'm a little torn.  At first, I thought they looked pretty dull since I'm so used to looking at vibrant color in Photoshop.  Now after adjusting my eyes a little, I think they're growing on me.  I definitely think black and white adds a classic, sophisticated feel to a photograph that can't really be accomplished when editing with color.  Another plus to black and white that I find cool is they're so easy to create coordinated sets for your walls!  I'm thinking of maybe framing a few of these in a grouping in my house, maybe I'll like them even more if I do that.

I've added the prints above to my shop.  Depending on the reception they recieve, I may be adding more black and white photographs in the future. 

Carolyn  :)


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