Morning Dew Photography by

A few days ago I woke up earlier than usual with a big to-do list on my mind for the day, knowing I had a lot of mundane tasks to accomplish.  I looked out the window to see what kind of a day it was... the morning sun was hanging low in the sky and I noticed that everything in our yard was covered in a blanket of dew.  When I see gorgeous light and dew outside, the photographer in me is ready to drop everything, grab my camera and go have some fun.  I decided my to-do list would have to wait and headed down to our local park...

I walked over to some ordinary field grass wondering if there'd be anything pretty to shoot.  Low and behold my jaw dropped to the ground... Thousands of little dew drops dangling from the grass were sparkling in the sun in the most magical way.  What a spectacular sight!  It looked angelic to me, almost as if the grass had been sprinkled with fairy dust.  As I stood there shooting hundreds of pictures of this gorgeous scene, one thing kept coming to mind.... "This is one of the prettiest things I have ever taken pictures of, thank you God for this amazing moment." 

When I'm outside taking pictures and am excited about what I'm capturing, life doesn't get any better for me.  Those special moments where it's just me, my camera and the quiet beauty of nature fill me with so much peace and joy.  It's so satisfying to be able to share these wonderful moments with you!  :)



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