Beach Haven Photography by

I'm so thrilled.... A customer of mine, Wendy, recently ordered my pavilion beach print shown above.  She just sent me this snapshot yesterday of the picture framed in her daughter's bedroom.  Besides creating art, this is the BEST part of what I do.  I get so much joy and satisfaction seeing my art in people's homes.  To hear from customers that they couldn't be happier with their artwork is music to my ears.  Thank you so much for sharing this with me Wendy!

This particlular print is very special to me.  I shot this beach pavilion in the town of Beach Haven on Long Beach Island, NJ.  My grandparents had a house there for many, many years and lived right by this pavilion.  My family and I have a ton of wonderful memories on the 5th street pavilion, the beach and in Beach Haven in general.  I just recently added this print to my shop and since I'm sentimental over it, seeing Wendy's order come in made me so happy.  :)

See this print on my shop here... "5th Street Pavilion"

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