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Despite not wanting to let go of the summer this year, I'm finally getting in the mood for Fall.  The air is cooling off and I'm just starting to see a hint of leaves changing color on the trees which of course excites me as a photographer.  The other thing that definitely helped inspire me for Autumn was a little shopping fun last weekend.  Besides any shade of blue, my other favorite color is orange so I knew with all the Fall decor in the stores, I'd have a lot to oooh and aaah over.  I hit Home Goods, Kirklands and Michaels...can life get any better for a gal who loves to decorate?  :)  I can never hit just one store, I have to make my rounds!  lol  As you can see from my pictures above, I came home with a couple new seasonal accessories that I am SO happy about.

The top picture is my new Pre-Lit Gourd from Michaels.  Isn't it cute?  I turn on the battery-operated light at night to bring our family room some cozy Fall ambiance.  I wanted to link you to this cutie on Michaels web site but unfortunately I don't see it there.  I noticed some similar pre-lit pumpkins on Kirlands web site here so I'll link you to those in case you'd like something similar for your home.  The gourd from Michaels comes in two sizes...this size that I have and a taller one.  They also have pre-lit pumpkins on the shelf next to these.  I stood there in the isle for at least 15 minutes going back and forth between the pumpkin and the gourd, such decisions!

The second pic above is my new sparkly pumpkin from Kirklands, I love it!  I love the orange color and the way the sequins catch the light in our sun-filled room during the pretty.  These were available in a few different colors but of course I had to snag the orange one.  Unfortunately I don't see this pumpkin on the Kirklands website either.  :(  Not sure what the deal is with these sites...I guess sometimes you can find more in the store than online.  If you want these cuties, I would just go to the stores to check it out...I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

I also picked up a pretty Autumn wreath from HomeGoods and another cute shiny pumpkin from Kirklands but I'll save those for another Fall post here.

I'm definitely not done making my rounds for Fall decor.  We bought a new house last year and moved in in mid November.  We were so busy unpacking and getting settled I had zero time to decorate so this Autumn season is very special to me!  We're going to have the family over for Thanksgiving too so I've got to get this place looking good!

Posting this today is inspiring me to put together an Autumn moodboard for you which will include one of my Fall nature prints...stay tuned! 

Carolyn  :)

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