Shore Photography by carolyncochrane.comThis past weekend I went to the beautiful Jersey shore to spend a nice day with my family.  We're only about an hour away from the shore so we're always making day trips.  It's my favorite place in the entire world.  It's so calming...I love sitting in my beach chair, running my feet through the sand, listening to the crashing waves and watching seagulls fly overhead.  I like to think of the beach as "nature's tranquilizer."  Who needs prozac when you can spend a day like that?!  :)  (kidding of course)

I'm always worried about ruining my camera when I take it to the beach....sand and cameras definitely don't mix.  Thanks to ziplocs and being super careful no harm was done this time around.  Whew!  

I love capturing the essence of the shore with photography.  When I'm back at home without the beautiful sights and sounds around me I can still relive that peaceful beachy feeling I love so much through my images.  I can't wait to spend more time at the shore this summer with my camera, ziplocs and sunblock in hand.  

More beach pics = A happy me!  :)



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