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I decided to take a break today from posting my usual photography subjects to show you my adorable little doggie Allie.  Yes, I know she's a dog but she's my baby.  In this pic, she may look like a composed, calm dog but remember...looks can be deceiving.  :)  Allie is a TOTAL spaz.  She freaks out over any noise or movement in our neighborhood, even if it's seeing a neighbor across the street that she's seen a million times before.  We don't need a doorbell at our house because she alerts us when someone arrives with tons of barking and overall craziness.  

Allie is completely attached to me and wants to be by my side every second of the day.  Sometimes I dream of putting her out in the backyard, imaging her enjoying the outdoors and fresh air.  Nope!  As soon as I put her out back and try to go in a different room in our house where she can't see me through our sliding glass door, she literally THROWS herself into the glass.  Ahh!  Like I said, she's a spaz.  She does get a "little" calmer when she's really worn out from long walks with me but sometimes it's hard for me to do that because I'm worn out!  Even when I do though, most of her crazy behavior still remains.

I like to blame Allie's craziness on the terrier in her instead of my faulty training.  So what's her breed you wonder?  I still wonder that myself!  The place that I got her from said one of her parents was a toy fox terrier and the other was a shih poo, which is a mix between a shih-tzu and a poodle.  The reason I always doubt her supposed mix is because when I look at pics of toy fox terriers online, she looks nothing like them.  I always think she has some border terrier in her.  If you search that online, you'll probably agree.  Regardless of what she is, she will always be my adorable mutt.  She will always get yummy hunks of hot dog, lots of good rubs and most of all, loads of love.

Happy Friday!

Carolyn...and Allie.  "wuff!"  :)


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