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Every time I go to the beach to take pictures I'm always looking for pretty shells to shoot but wind up getting frustrated because I don't find much.  I finally bit the bullet a couple weeks ago and bought a bunch of shells from a cool Etsy shop I found called the Seaside Store.  They have just about every type of shell this beach bum could want.  I placed a big old order and got my delivery last week.  They are all so beautiful, I couldn't be happier and believe it or not, nothing arrived broken.  I was surprised since some of them are so fragile.

The photo above is my first new print with one of the shells...a conch shell.  My hubby and I took a spur-of-the-momet ride this past weekend to the shore so I had the chance to start shooting!  I'll be posting more new shell photographs here as I finish them.  

I'm calling this one "Paradise" because the beach is paradise to me.  It was so beautiful and calming on the weekend...ahhh....I love it.  I'm praying one day I can make my dream of a beach house come true...fingers crossed.  If I made that happen one day, then I could walk on the beach all the time looking for shells!  :)

This print is now available on my shop here... "Paradise"

Have a great weekend!

Carolyn  :)


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