Seagull Beach Photography by

I mentioned a while back on my blog that I got a special lens from my husband for my last birthday called a "LensBaby."  It creates neat focus effects where you focus on a certain area and then the rest of the image is blurred.  See the effect in my new photograph above?  I focused on the seagull and as you can see the ocean is blurred out.  Doesn't this create an interesting effect?  This lens is definitely not an easy lens to use.  There's no auto focus and you actually physically swap out a little ring to change the aperture on the camera...very different from what I'm used to with a normal lens.  I LOVE the focus effects it gives though, I think it creates such a cool mood.  Soooo...I'm going to keep experimenting and will post the results here.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Carolyn  :)


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