Birds Nest Art by

If you're a fan of my photography, you know I mainly shoot flowers, beach scenes and birds.  Lately I'm starting to have more of an interest in still life photography.  I'd like to explore this genre a little more, you know...mix things up a bit.  I LOVE shooting flowers and my usual subjects but sometimes I feel like I've "been there and done that."  When my creative juices stop flowing, different ideas really get them going once again.  I bought this cute little (fake) bird nest with robins eggs from Etsy to take a picture of it for my shop.  Isn't it cute?  The simplicity of this really speaks to me.  I think this would look so cute in a nice white matted frame.

I'm brainstorming lately for still life ideas.  I recently bought some cool vintage cameras from eBay that I'm planning to take pictures of.  Stayed tuned for those!  I also want to work on some fruit photography soon.  If you have any fun still life ideas, please suggest them in the comments.

Have a great day and weekend!

This print is available on my shop here... "Robin's Nest"

Carolyn  :)


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