Seashell Photography Art by

This latest photograph is of one of the many shells I purchased from Etsy recently.  Isn't it pretty?  It's called a "Spotted Tun", otherwise known as an Indian Tonna Tessalata.  (that's a mouthful!)  I rested this little guy on the sand during my last trip to the shore for a simple, minimal shot.  I want to go back for another trip to the shore but haven't had the time so I've been resting some of my shells on sand from the craft store out in the backyard.  I'm trying to make it appear in the photos as if they're really taken at the beach but I know it's fake so it doesn't mean as much.  Fingers crossed I can get to the shore again soon!

This print is now available on my shop here..."Seashell Voices"

Have a great day!  Until next time...

Carolyn  :)


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