Pink Blue Flower Wall Art by

If this photograph looks familiar to you, you're right...I posted this on my blog months ago.  So why am I showing you again?  Well, I've been trying to figure out what kind of flower this is but I'm at a loss and am hoping you can help me.  Any flower experts out there??  I need to find out what type of flower this is because it's going to be used for stock photography.  

The only other thing I know about this flower other than what you see in the picture is that it was fairly tall on long stems, all growing up together...almost like a bush but not "bushy" looking.  I'd say it was about 5 feet tall.  I took this pic in October of last year in New Jersey.  Any ideas?  I've tried looking on flower search sites but am coming up dry.  If you have an idea, please leave a comment.  

UPDATE: The mystery has been solved thanks to my Facebook and Twitter friends!  It's a Cosmos.  Officially... cosmos bippinatus.. from family of asteraceae.  Thank you my friends, you're a huge help!  

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Have a great weekend!

Carolyn  :)


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