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Do you recognize any of these cameras??

I got the urge recently to buy some old vintage cameras from ebay.  I'm actually too young to remember any of these (I'm 34) but I think they look so cool.  The top left photo is a Brownie Starlet, top right is a Brownie Reflex and bottom right is an Argus.  I honestly just bought them to take photographs of them but I guess I should do a little research and try to figure out how to use them.  I'm not even sure if they are "working" cameras but I'm going to give them a whirl or at least try when I get the chance.  

What was the first camera you had as a kid?  I think the furthest I can remember back was having one of those long rectangle shaped cameras, almost like the shape of a brick but a little thinner.  I don't know what brand it was or what they were called but I think that's the first camera I remember using.  I remember being fascinated with cameras even when I was a little girl.  I wanted to take a ton of pictures but always felt like I had to "save" my film since I only had 24 exposures.  Ahh...those were the days.  Thank goodness for digital now.

I'd love to hear your experiences as a kid with your first camera...please leave a comment to share!

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Carolyn  :)


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