Brown Seashell Photography by

Since part of my focus with photography is the beach, I'm starting to collect more seashells...unfortunately not by beachcombing though.  I'm collecting my shells the lazy way....Etsy!  There are some really neat Etsy shops that have beautiful seashells.  I just bought a few shells including the one in this new photograph above.  This one is a Marbled Cone shell.  The striking pattern really caught my eye, I figured the contrast of the white and dark brown would look awesome in a photo. 

I'm definitely first and foremost a lover of color when it comes to editing my photos but I am enjoying this past week experimenting with these deep dark brown tones.  I LOVE the modern look it lends to images.

I'm off to take more pictures of my shells, I bought a beautiful large sea urchin from Etsy that I'm working on now.  Fun, fun. 

Carolyn  :)

This print, "Marbled Cone" is available as a print or canvas on my shop.


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