Purple Flower Photography by carolyncochrane.com

Sometimes there's nothing I love more than taking a picture of a very simple yet striking subject, like this daisy flower, and using it as a blank canvas to add a ton of color.  That's exactly what this photograph is all about.  I've really been inspired lately with color.  I get this creative urge in me that just BEGS to be expressed.  When I finally get the chance to hop on my monitor and edit in Photoshop, I'm a VERY happy girl.  :)  

As some of you already know from following me and my photography, when it comes to color, I'm usually editing my images in every shade of blue...aqua, teal, turquoise, etc.  This time I figured I'd try something different...purple.  I thought it'd be fun to step a bit outside of my "color comfort zone".  I'm calling this new print "Pop of Purple."

I hope you enjoy this one and have a Happy Monday!

Carolyn  :)

This print is now available on my shop here... Purple Flower Photography - "Pop of Purple"


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