Seagulls Beach Photography by

As some of you might remember, I asked you for some title help a couple weeks ago for a new bird print.  I was having some writer's block and reached out to my wonderful fans for some inspiration.  You gave me such awesome, fitting ideas for a title, I decided I should do this more often when writer's block hits.  Well, guess what?  It's hit me again.  :)  This time I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on a title idea for this new print. Anything creative coming to mind?  Feel free to leave a comment here.

Can you believe the large amount of seagulls in this scene?  I couldn't believe my eyes while shooting photos on the beach one day, I had never seen so many gulls together like this!

I'm really looking forward to hearing your ideas.

Thanks in advance!

Carolyn  :)


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