Colorful Beach Umbrella Photography by

Ahhh...this Friday is officially the first day of summer, yay!  I LOVE this time of year since it means more time spent at the shore.  The smell of suntain lotion in the air, the beautiful blue ocean, seagulls flying overhead...I love it.  I'm planning on a week-long vacation with some family at the Jersey shore in August and I CAN'T WAIT!!  I think I'll be taking pictures the whole time...after I get some quality chillin-beach time in of course.  :)  This is an old pic above but I finally got around to editing it...I went back to my archives to see what I could find that felt "summery."  I'm calling this one "Sand in My Toes."  It's now available on my shop here... "Beach Umbrella Photograph - Sand in My Toes"

Have a great day!

Carolyn  :)


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