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I was shopping in Target a couple weeks ago, the kind-of shopping that's pretty mundane and boring to me... shampoo, paper towels, dog bones, nothing fun.  To make my trip more bearable I wandered over to the Home Decor section to see if they had anything new. 

As I was thumbing through the wall canvases, I thought I saw something familiar... a bird on wire canvas looked eerily similar to one of my own bird-on-wire images.  I picked it up and thought, " canvas has sparkly lights in the sky too."  And then... "Wait a minute, I think my image has a few birds at the bottom with a lot of birds at the top.  Are you serious?!?... this is MY IMAGE!!!!" 

I couldn't believe what I was own image, "Music Notes" as a canvas for sale in Target!  I couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear!  It was at that moment I remembered sending this image to my art publisher about a year and a half ago.  My publisher told me back then that Target had some interest in it.  It was so long ago though and I never heard anything more that I totally forgot about it.

What a TOTAL shock and absolutely THRILLING surprise!!  I'm shopping for toilet paper one minute and spotting my own canvas in my local Target the next!!  I immediately called my hubby and made him drive over to Target so he could take my picture with it.  Of course irony won that day... when I left the house for my errands I said to him, "Boy, I hope I don't run into anyone I know, my hair looks bad and grey and I'm just throwing it back in an ugly pony tail."  Ha!  Little did I know I'd be getting my picture taken and would want to post this on the internet for all to see!  Oh well.  I'm too proud of this cool accomplishment to keep it to myself.  :)

You might spot this canvas in your local Target too.  If you do, let me know, I'd love to hear where it's spotted around the country!

To see "Music Notes" on my shop, click this link... Bird on Wire Photography - "Music Notes"

See ya here for a new post next week!

Carolyn  :) 


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